Sunday, June 15, 2008


The frequent problem a gomez member face is that FAILED TO CONTACT GOMEZ PEER(2).

This error is faced after downloading GOMEZ PEER software and you will hardly find the correct solution of this problem in websites. But I have the correct solution for it.

The main problem is that people download incorrect GOMEZ PEER software.

When you will go for downloading GOMEZ PEER software you will find.

1> Download US PEERInstall.exe (19.1 MB)

2> Download International PEERInstall.exe (22.1 MB)

The user thinks that the option 1 is only for US members and option 2 is only for international members. Now this is the thinking which causes the error FAILED TO CONTACT GOMEZ PEER(2).

Actually the option 1 is for those who have the US-English Language as their operating system language. So, if you are from India, US etc. and if yours computer uses US-English Language for operating system then you have to download the US PEERInstall.exe of 19.1 MB.

And if yours computer uses any other language except US-English then you have to download the International PEERInstall.exe of 22.1 MB.

After installing GOMEZ PEER you have to keep yours internet connection ON for few minutes because GOMEZ download some files from the server. I think the total download size will be nearly 5-7 MB.

System Requirements for GOMEZ PEER

-> An Internet connection
-> A 500 Mhz Pentium III or better
-> OS: Windows XP, NT, 2000 or 2003 Operating System
-> 128 MB RAM and 40 MB of free hard disk space.
-> You must also have the ability to visit secured or SSL encrypted pages.

Note:- Some website provides cracked GOMEZ PEER and promise that cracked version will help you in earning fastly. But I suggest you not to download those versions. Download GOMEZ PEER only from the GOMEZ official website and not from Other website.

Gomez official website ==>


Kimmie Miles said...

Hi, I want to say thank you for this solution. It definitely solved my problem. I'm still a Pending member but hopefully that will change soon. ;D. Thanks, again! And thanks for the visit to my blog!

SALITOS said...

Hello There.
I uderstand about gomez lot's of things I have 5 computers connected and 3 running all the time.
Still They said that for 20 Hours I'll get paid with 10 cents and I don;t understand how am I going to make more money if in a day I made 40 hours online with my computers and the other 20 have not been paid.?
I'll wait for your reply @ please.